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Tell your loved one’s story, publish it online in minutes, and easily share it with friends and family on Facebook or WhatsApp.

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Keep Their Legacy Forever With You

Losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult. At Memorial, our goal is to remove unnecessary stressors, so that you can focus on what matters. We take care of the messaging!

How It Works

We guide you through the obituary process. In a few quick steps we gather the most important information about your loved one and create something memorable for you to share on Facebook or WhatsApp. Simply Login & Create Obituary!

Leave an obituary that honours life and one’s passing.

We Are Here To Help You


  • Create obituaries and send them out.
  • Get obituary services at a low price point.
  • Share obituaries publicly or privately.
  • Share via Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS.


  • Set up obituary notifications when someone has passed.
  • Search MEMORIAL obituary database for past obituaries.
  • Family & friends can commence writing condolences immediately.


  • Memorial services notifications sent to your phone.
  • Set up wake, funeral, vigil, and memorial events.

Affordable & Hassle-Free Service

IN an effort to honour loved ones and alleviate some of the burden of funeral expenses, you can create and share online obituaries of your loved ones.

MEMORIAL offers affordable obituaries, as well as funeral information and notifications. Death is a tragic part of life, but letting the world know of your loved one’s passing shouldn’t be so expensive. Let the memory of your loved one continue with MEMORIAL.

Create obituaries with MEMORIAL. Send death announcements and funeral info privately or publicly through SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email or Messenger.

Include the church, temple or mosque for the funeral, set up a vigil or wake and let friends and family honour your loved one’s legacy without the hassle or frustrating expenses.

Get funeral info and notifications when you set up keywords; county, schools, college, and graduation year, religious affiliation or any other group where you need to know when someone passes – find their obituaries and honour their lives.

Write an obituary that says everything you need about your loved one’s life without breaking the bank. MEMORIAL is there for you.

How to write an obituary

Start with basic information

Most people choose to start with NAME of CITY/TOWN passed away unexpectedly/peacefully on DATE at the age of AGE. Next, it's common to list predeceased and surviving family members.

Share the details that defined them

Spend a few paragraphs talking about their childhood, schools, career successes, general accomplishments, passions and/or anything else that you feel defined their life.

Add any service or memorial details

Let people know how they can participate in honoring the individual. At Memorial, you can add specific events, and even send out email announcements, on Facebook or WhatsApp and collect RSVPs.


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