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Abigail Atieno Odero 17/12/1952 - 09/11/2020


Mama Abigael Atieno Odero, popularly known as ‘Nyakosele’, was born in 1952. She was the first born of Mzee Abel Ogola and Mama Margaret Obiero, “Nyagumba”. Her siblings included: Cornelius Yogo, the Late Pascal Ouma, Kernael Akinyi, Rhoda Aoko, Hellen Auma and Samuel Otieno. Other are: Joash Ouma, the Late John Ogolla, Elijah Apul, Moses Omondi, the Late Joshua Odhiambo, Jacob Ogolla, Gordon Agallo and Dorothy Omo. She had one co-wife namely Rose Akinyi.

Mama Margaret started her Primary School at Kosele Primary School and graduated with Kenya Preliminary Examination in 1965. Later she joined Asumbi Girls High school in 1966. She later established herself in business trading within and around nearby towns.

Mama Abigael got married to the late Charles Odeny Olonde of Kaditong’e in 1968. Together, they were blessed with five children namely; Belden Omondi, the late Queen Anyango, Dr. Odeny Dickens, Judith Awino and Shadrack Ochieng. She was also mother to Moses Odhiambo, Irene Achieng, and Samson Ogenda. She was a mother in law to: Jacklyn Omondi, Nancie Jemutai and Beatrice Ochieng.
She was blessed with a total of 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. George, Tevin, Jeremy, Hadassah, Oky, Alex, Ronny and Ephraim
Other children include: Neville, Denish, Emily, Jackline, Franklin, Jeremy, Kennedy, Jack,Boaz, Harriet, Joan,Alvin,Timothy, Irene and Mary

Mama Abigail was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist, who was born into the faith . Mama Abigail was a gifted leader both in the church and in her community. As a church leader she served as Church Sabbath School Superintendent, Group Leader, Church Deaconess, Women Ministry Leader , Church Choir Director, Church Elder.

Mama Abigael embraced strong Christian and moral values which she instilled in all members of her family. She stood for honesty, industry, integrity and very strict. For someone who meant so much to many and loved by all who knew and met her, we celebrate her life and cherish the precious memories.

Mama Abigael was passionate about God. She stressed to her family the importance of Sabbath and prayers, and taught them to glorify the Lord in all situations.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith – 1 Timothy 4:7

For The Late Mama Abigael Atieno Odero
At Kaditong’e – Homabay County

THURSDAY 19th JULY, 2020
6:30am: Assembling at Umash Funeral Home, Nairobi
7:00am: Cortege leaves Umash Funeral Home for Kaditong’e, after a short prayer.

  • Arrival at home.
  • Viewing of body
  • Overnight Stay: Prayer, Songs and Sermonettes

FRIDAY 20th JULY, 2020
Masters of Ceremonies: Bramuel Ombudi, (Pastor, Elder)

08:00am: Arrival of friends, relatives and other mourners
09:00am: Opening Prayer and Choirs
10:00am-2:00pm: Tributes:

  • Family and Relatives
  • Neighbours
  • Friends
  • Eulogy – Shadrack Ochieng (Sons)
  • Organizing Committee Chairman – Nairobi
  • Church Service presided over by Pastor Fridah Okul
  • Government Leaders

2:00pm-2:15pm Vote of Thanks – Belden Omondi
2:15pm Church: Grave Site and Burial Ceremony
3:00pm: Closing Prayers

Mourners leave at their own pleasure



Overview of Mama Abigael Ailment and Death

I present the account and a narration of an overview of the ailment of Mama Abigael that terminated into her demise. 

Mama’s life had not been devoid of common ailments such as malaria and others; however, the account of chronology of her sickness that terminated into her death is well tracked from the month of March through to November 9th 2020. Mama started complaining of pain in the leg, back, left shoulder and numbness in the right hand. She sought for primary medication at Nyalgosi Dispensary, where she was given treatment for Arthritis. After few weeks the pain persisted then she sought for series of further treatments in different local health facilities:  Oyugis District Hospital, Saye Dispensary and Kendu Bay SDA Hospital (Gendia). Surprisingly, she accounted subsidence of the pain when she attended Camp Meeting in August/September but the pain prevailed on her shortly after the camp meeting and she was rushed to Kendu Bay Adventist Hospital (Gendia). There,  pneumonia, arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure diagnoses  was positive. This followed with  prescription of appropriate medicines. Physiotherapy was also prescribed at Gendia Hospital as part of treatment package to enable her quick recovery. Unfortunately, as she recalled, how the physiotherapy session left her more sick and weak this made the doctor who was checking on her to stop the physiotherapy sessions. However, she complained of persistent pain especially in the left shoulder and the back that caused pain whenever she lied on the side and when sitting in an  upright position.

After discharge from hospital she continued with minor physical exercise including walking and jogging in the compound of her home as part of physiotherapy. She would later complain of more pain and that made her to retire and sleep on bed or chair than before. One of her close friends made keen follow up of her status and advised me to relocate her to Nairobi, for  her condition was linearly getting severe. I sought for advice from Uncle Gordon Agalo and Victor Yogo (Cousin) who serve in medical health mainstream industry. A private Doctor was identified and Mama started her medical examinations. The tests corroborated the previous test conducted in local hospital; however, the level of sugar and pressure had significantly subsided to normal range for her age. Additional test, Biopsy, was conducted on a lump {breast cyst} on her right breast on which the Doctor made comment that “Excisional biopsy is indicated to rule out malignancy”. I asked and I was told in a layman’s language that it means “No characterization of cancer ”. I then asked the Doctor if the pain Mama was going through could be related to the lump on her breast ,but the two Doctors ruled that out. Despite the positive results from the oncologist, he advised mama that the lump should be “drained off the fluid to ease the symptom”( removed) but mama told the doctor that if its noncancerous she will remain with it for the lump has been existed and embedded  for long time. Before oncologist released her, according to her the doctor pressed her both breast and entire chest as if he was doing some further examination after which she started experiencing chest pain , on the upper abdomen and below the armpits.

I shared the medical diagnosis result with Uncle Gordon and Victor Yogo.  The analyses from them relieved me too.  Further, I asked the Doctors what causes a lot of pain to Mama. They  pointed it to Arthritis on the Spinal-cord (back). I was delighted and was very optimistic she will get better very soon with all the medical prescriptions which looked to me as a comprehensive package for quick recovery. 

Similarly, a physiotherapy was recommended but she refused the service at all. She complained of severe pain she experienced when Oncologist (Doctor) touched and pressed her chest. However; with all drugs purchased I thought she will get better in a month and walk back home. 

The pain now got severe and I wondered the adamancy of Arthritis she had ! I asked her if I could organize for physiotherapy to help her with some exercises because I thought that was the only thing missing; medicines were there. We shared among some of my relatives and there was a general feeling that she should be encouraged to walk around to enable body muscles to recovery. Her status deteriorated more with the loss of appetite and vomiting most of food or drinks she took. At this moment she had opinion that she should be an in-patient in order to get closer observation of her condition. The idea was not welcome because it was felt with her vulnerable condition, and the status of Covid 19 pandemic it was only safe for her to be an out-patient. That would minimize the rate of infection. One morning she called me to her bedroom and asked me to take her to Kijabe Hospital; for she felt she will be given better attention at the hospital. At the same time she called Baba Philip (her brother)and they talked over her opinion. I was skeptical about taking her to Kijabe Hospital but I gave it a second thought and started the journey the next day. She was walking but straining a little bit. At Kijabe her abdomen and neck were examined by X-ray and Ultrasound. The Doctor pointed Arthritis as the only cause of the pain. However, he pointed out some fluids occurring around the heart. She was given some drugs to clear the fluid and a pain killer to control the pain. According to the Doctor, her case did not warrant admission into the hospital (as an in-patient). After few days from Kijabe Hospital she talked to Uncle Gordon over the phone; who later organized for a physiotherapist. During therapy the Doctor realized she was not comfortable with the chest and sometimes resisted her on the area. The Doctor later suggested that on our second visit to Kijabe Hospital her chest should be given high attention. Next day, we took her back to Kijabe on appointment with the Doctor. She explained her case but now she was feeling pain all over the body; a statement which apparently doctors don’t like. We however explained about the pain on her chest. During this time her blood and urine was tested. Her urine had some particles which the Doctor said there is slight damages on her Kidney. He recommended change of drugs for diabetes; that he pointed could be causing the damage. A stronger pain killer was added to the list for pain relief. That was Friday 6th. She requested for the attention of the Doctor to admit her because she felt she needed a closer attention in the hospital than at home. We stayed in the Hospital up mid night then I later told Mama “we cannot force the doctor to admit you, let’s go home”. We arrived at the residence past 2am (night). We woke up late on Friday and later passed by her room. She told me that she is relieved of pain and no signs of vomiting. I was happy to hear about that and then I advised her to take advantage to eat and stretch herself in the house. On saturday 8th, her condition started deteriorating; she did not eat well and stayed on bed throughout. I wondered what kind of Arthritis she had that other people I know and heard about do not have? Because it is manageable on others but apparently terminal on Mama.  On Monday morning I looked at Mama and told myself that despite threat of Covid 19, Mama should be admitted for in-patient. I decided to call Baba Philip and told him that Mama needs to admitted in an hospital where she can be added water and given food. I went for some transactions and came back in the afternoon but before entering the house I called Baba Philip over the phone to ask how far he has arranged for mama to be admitted as mama Hadassah checked on her. As she tried to give her something to take, mama was unable to take this prompted her to contact a doctor in nearby hospital to come and give her drip-water. Apparently, he had not gotten response from his network he consulted. I turned to Mama Hadassah and asked did you manage to get the drip water for Mama? She told me that Doctor came from the clinic but after she asked Mama how she is feeling? where do you feel the pain? but Mama answered “its all over my body”. They were displeased and walked away. A Kiswahili proverb ran in my mind; “siku ya kufa kwake nyani, kila mti huteleza”. I went upstairs to the house and decided to see her. As I was inquiring how she was doing, she stretched her hand and asked me to make her sit upright. Mama Hadassah came shortly and helped hold the left arm. Lifting her with one arm caused a lot of pain on the chest and back. I gave her juice which Mama Hadassah prepared but she told her she will take it later. She managed to drink half of the glass. I called her “Nyakosele” and told her if you can drink this quantity in the morning and afternoon then you will recover very soon. She put a smiling face and later ask us to lay her back. We did that but she laid diagonal to the bed. We did not want to cause a lot of disturbance on her chest and back and so I suggested she lay like that for some time and later we will align her to the bed. I lifted her legs and supported with a chair so that she it would be in level with the body on bed. Lunch was ready and we went to eat but after a very short time (few minutes) Mama Hadassah went back to her room to check on her. She came back running looking scared saying Mama is not breathing. I walked into the room and confirmed she was not breathing, dead. I called Baba Philip and Belden to confirm. After which the body was taken to Umash Funeral Hospital.  

Post-Mortem was conducted and I was joined by Baba Philip to witness the findings of Pathologist. She had several cracks on her ribs; left ribs were mostly affected by the cracks than right side. We asked if Mama could have been involved in some kind of accident but he said the cracks are caused by Bone Cancer which apparently spread from the Breast Cancer. The lump that Oncologist ruled out malignancy turned to be Cancer on the breast.  

Because of the persistent pain which seemed not to respond on medication we were still on with the search of the problem. Mama will severally tell Mama Hadassah that Huu ugonjwa wangu umejificha na mungu anajua ninaugua nini. She was convinced that it was not arthritis and she told Mama Hadassah that she will be glad to know that she is suffering from cancer na kama ni cancer nitacheka because she has been on medication for long without change. She believed that even cancer can be managed. 

Mama mentioned several times to Mama Hadassah that she still had a lot of work to do for God and she has to be well.

Nobody saw it coming. The Doctors were preoccupied with Arthritis throughout. We were made to believe it is Arthritis. Hence, we believed Mama will recover. 

It was hard to believe you are no longer with us but we have to accept reality. May Soul Rest in Eternal Peace until we meet again.


  1. Danico Yogo says

    1 Corinthians 15:26
    [26]The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.

  2. Gilbert Wambugu says

    Dear Jacob, loosing your sister is a difficult thing but take heart brother. I am sure, she will rest in peace. As I’ve known you and your character, i’m sure she was very influential in you and you turned out a perfect gentleman. She did her job in this earth and has joined the angels.

  3. Betty Wafula says

    To the Ogolla family, may God give you strength to carry on with the hope of meeting Abigael when death is no more. When we shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye to go to the land where we shall live forever more with Jesus Christ our savior.


    Mum, I can’t hold back my tears when I remember the life we lived together. I will forever miss you! Rest in Peace till we meet on the resurrection day. Bye……….

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