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Catherine Lucy Wairimu 03/11/1971 - 04/10/2020

Catherine Wairimu Kiragu

The late Catherine Wairimu Kiragu was born on 3rd October 1971 at Pumwani Hospital Nairobi. She was the second child of Antao Kiragu Mbiti and Jane Micere Kiragu. She was sister to Joyce Njeri, Nicholas Chomba Kiragu, Titus Nduruci, Mary Wanjiku, the late Eunice Wambui and Lilian Njoki.

The late Catherine Wairimu started her education at Gakoigo Primary school and later joined Kerugoya Girls High School. She later studied a course in Cosmetology.

The late Catherine went to work for Sunchic School of Hair as a turor. Over the years, she also worked for Revlon and later started Cathy’s Hair Salon where she has been working until her demise. She was known as one of the best hairstylist. She was very friendly to her customers and neighbours in her working place.

Family Life:
Catherine was blessed with one child namely Malcolm Muturi.

The late Catherine was baptized at ACK Gakoigo Church while a young child. She later moved to ACK Kianjogu Church and lately Nairobi where she was fellowshipping with ACK St. James Buruburu Church until her demise. She was very active in the Church. She devoted many hours in service to humanity and was always having a positive attitude.

Valiant Fighter:
The late Catherine Wairimu Kiragu was diagnosed with Stage I Lympoma Cancer back in 2012 which she fought and overcame; she went in remission for 6 years and in 2019 the sickness recurred which she fought it bravely. A true fighter, Cathy persevered through it all, she managed to bring you so much smile, love and compassion, during which she was undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy in various hospitals. The Lord promoted her to higher glory on Sunday 4th October, 2020 at Jamaa Hospital at around 10.30 pm.

It is the Lord who gives and who takes for that may His Name be glorified.

Rugano rwa Catherine Wairimu Kiragu

Mutiga-iri Catherine Wairimu Kiragu aciarirwo mweri 3rd October 1971 thibitari-ini ya Pumwani Hospital Nairobi. Arari mwana wa keeri wa Antao Kiragu Mbiti na Jane Micere Kiragu. Arari mwari wa nyina na Joyce Njeri, Nicholas Chomba Kiragu, Titus Nduruci, Mary Wanjiku, mutiga-iri Eunice Wambui na Lilian Njoki.

Mutiga-iri Catherine Wairimu ambiriirie githomo giake thukuru-ini wa Gakoigo Primary school na thutha ucio akiingira Kerugoya Girls High School. Thutha niacokire guthomera koci ya Cosmetology.

Mutiga-iri Catherine niambiriirie kuruta wira na Sunchic School of Hair ari ta murutani. Thutha ucio niandikirwo ni kambuni ya Revlon na agicoka akiambiriria Cathy’s Hair Salon kuria ararutaga nginyagia kuhuruka gwake. Niaroikaine ta umwe wa njorua cia maundu ma uthaka. Arari mwendi andu na murata wa aingi na muno aria mararutithanagia wira nake.

Utuuro wa famiri:
Catherine niararathimitwo na mwaka umwe na niwe Malcolm Muturi.

Mutiga-iri Catherine abatithirio kanitha-ini wa ACK Gakoigo Church ari mwana munini. Niacokire agithamira kanitha wa ACK Kianjogu Church na muico agithii Nairobi kuria aragocagira kanitha wa ACK St. James Buruburu Church nginyagia kuhuruka gwake. Arari mundu wi kiyo kanitha-ini na niarerutagira muno guteithia andu. Niaroimburaga Jesu ta Mwathani na Muhonokia wake.

Ndwari na Kuhuruka:
Mutiga-iri Catherine Wairimu Kiragu nionekire ena Stage I Lympoma Cancer mwaka wa 2012 murimu uria ahuranire naguo na agitoria kwa ihinda ria miaka itandatu. Kuri mwaka wa 2019 niacokereiruo ni ndwari oro iyo na akiambiriria kurigitwo mathibitari-ini ngurani ta Kenyatta National Hospital, Texas Cancer Centre na ingi nyingi. Kuri muthenya wa Sunday 4th October 2020 mathaa ma thaa inya na nuthu cia utuku (10.30 pm) niahurukirio ni Mwathani ari thibitari ya Jamaa Hospital kuria aramukagira urigitani.

Ni Mwathani waheanire Catherine nan owe wacoka kumugira. Ritwa ria Mwathani rirogocwo. Amen.

Hi Friends and family.

We cannot thank you enough for your support. Your generous contribution put towards an elevator that provides Better send off for mom final journey words cannot express how grateful we are as a family for standing with us through this period. We have been touched by your messages, phone calls, financial contributions, prayers and your physical presence. Your generosity was felt and appreciated greatly.

God bless you abundantly and reach each and everyone of you at their point of need. Let us continue standing for each other and being our brother's keeper. God bless you.

Kiragu’s Family.


  1. Gilbert Wambugu says

    Dear Malcolm,

    I am very saddened to hear the news about the passing on to Glory of your mother. Please accept heartfelt condolences from myself on the loss of your beloved mother.
    You must celebrate her life as she had a good life.

    I knew her as a very cheerful lady who put me to task whenever I was feeling low. She would never allowed me to wallow in self pity. Little did I know that she was fighting a battle of momentous propotions.

    Indeed the loss of a loved parent leaves a great void in our lives. May God give you the courage to bear this great loss. You are in our prayers at this very trying moment in your lives. May the Good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.

  2. Shiku says

    Rest well my friend Cathy till we meet again..
    To Malcolm and family may God give you peace&comfort during this trying time…

  3. Tery says

    Cathy you were a true friend…your smile could light up the darkest of places.You were a keeper always checking up on us even on your sick bed.you had a heart of gold.Heaven has gained.

    I am happy that you have entered rest where there is no more pain,no more medication, no more anxiety and uncertainty but still it hurts my dear friend cz I will no longer hear your sweet voice telling me “nakulove”.

    Most exciting is that you knew and had a relationship with Christ.You have rested in perfect hands.It is a gain.
    You fought well.You are a true warrior.

    Thank you Malcom and Shiku you took very good care of our flower until the final bow.

    Cathy Nakulove

  4. Margie says

    Cathy My friend. You have left sadness in my heart. You were a part of my life as a friend. You have endured a lot. You fought a good fight mama. It is well. Rest well my dear. Pumzika. Will always love you. Malcom my son find comfort in the Lord. Celebrate your mom. She was a wonderful soul to many. 😘😘😘

  5. Julie says

    Malcolm, the absence is so loud and pain in-comprehendable, but God understands and knew before it happened, He healed your Mum from the pain and agony of sickness and she is resting in eternal peace. I pray that God will give you the grace, strength and peace to go through this rough patch. You sure had great moments with your loving Mum and may those moments and God’s grace carry you through. Loosing a Mother is extremely painful but God will fill that void by wrapping His arms around you. For the family members may God uphold you and bind you all in his peace and love as He guides you through this and days to come, it is well. Shalom

  6. James Maricho says

    Saddened by the death of a primary school classmate. Such a cheerful and brave character she was. She reached to my wife just last month to share the love of God but never disclosed of what she was going through. They shared the word of God and and remembered primary school life. To the family, you have been left by Cathy on a solid foundation. God has already taken over as the one in charge of your affairs now. Take heart. Rest in Perfect peace Wairimu

  7. Sylvia says

    I met Cathy and we connected…there was just something about her. Very jovial amidst all that she was going through…a true fighter in deed. Rest in perfect peace Cathy.

  8. Moses Mwangi says

    Malcom, I lack words to express how saddened I am with the passing of your mum, indeed Cathy was a happy soul and she made every one around her always laugh. I will always remember how she would call me moses and cracking a joke about something but in all we thank God for her life and also for the joy she gave everyone around her.
    I truly salute you for been with her every step of her treatment and never tiring at any one time and I pray that God gives you strength and to know that she has gone to a better place she is now among the angels. Cathy may you shine your way to heaven.

  9. Catherine Macharia says

    We met in 1998 and beside just connecting we shared a name. We have been friends thru, even during our trying times with my dad. You stood by us. You are one very brave gal that I admired and loved. We went places and got stuff together. Always with a smile. You did my hair and my daughter’s. You are an amazing gal. I will truly miss you Cathy. Rest well my sister.
    To Malcolm: Your mom is a rare jewel. There is nothing we can tell you, to make you feel whole again. Only God can do it. May he fill your heart with peace and comfort. And walk with you during this difficult time.

  10. Josiah says

    Please accept our deepest condolences at this time of sorrow. Indeed Mama lived a great life devoted to the welfare of people around her. May God grant you all peace and strength to brave through this season. It is well. Rest Well Mama!

  11. Shiku Lydiah says

    🙏🙏🙏🙏Cathy your smile will never fade Every time we met, you were always happy. You have fought a good fight. Continue resting with the Angels till we meet again😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  12. Tina Clara says

    Safe passage on your travels Catherine. My heartfelt condolences to your family and friends.

  13. Fanice O says

    Heaven has added an Angel; Cathy was such a cheerful, loving and kind person.
    May Cathy’s memories give you comfort. May her resilience, reverence for God and her diligence cause you to thank God for the blessing of having her in your lives. May her legacy live through you Malcom!
    God bless you and your family and watch over you during this most difficult time.

  14. Malcolm Muturi says

    Ladies and gentlemen, sons and daughters of all ladies, I salute you all.

    I’m grateful to be here to honour my mom and celebrate the gifts that she gave us all

    As a parent, mom left nothing in the tank; she left it all on the floor. What my mom was to me was the inspiration that someone truly cared about how I lived and interacted with people, and as I knew her I wanted to be the best son that I could be. I took great pride as I got to know my mom, she knew how to get to you in a way that affects you personally. she always had a sense of love in a way she could bring the best out of you, she did that for me.

    The thing about her is that we could talk anything related to life and family, I am inspired by what she has done and what she shared with us as a family I can’t wait to be a dad to a daughter to hug them and to see them grow just like you and bring the love and smiles you had, she taught me that, by just looking at the people here today, looking at how she responded and reacted to the people she actually loved these are the things we will continue to learn from mom. More importantly she was an amazing mother who dedicated herself to family and loved her friends and I think that’s what she would want from us to do.

    No one knows how much time we have that’s why we must live in the moment we must enjoy the moment we must reach and see and spend as much time as we can with our families and friends and the people we absolutely love, to live in the moment means to enjoy each and every one we come in contact with. those are the memories that we have to live with and we learn from.

    There are a few things, about three things to my account that I need each day.
    One of them is something to look up too, another one is something to look forward to and the last one is someone to chase.

    First of I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up too. He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hands or any human hand. He has shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. When you got God you got a friend and that friend is you.

    To my family, that’s what I look forward to. To my mother who I know is up there already making everyone smile with joy and laughter. To you Mum you taught me how to be a man and that giving back is the most rewarding act in human kind.

    And to my hero that’s who I chase everyday. My hero is my mum and Ill forever be grateful to God for you. Our last name will mean something to this world you have my word.

    Our last name mom will mean something to this world, you have my word and I know God will be there for me

    Please rest in peace mom.

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