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Sarah Mwiku Mbwiria 01/06/1927 - 25/09/2020

Sarah Mwiku Mbwiria was born to M’Njogu and Mukiri Gatu in c.1927 at Bubui village, Murathankari location; Imenti North of Meru county.

She was the sister to the late Eliphelet M’Muthuuri Kameru, Samuel Kiunga M’Njogu and sister to Gakuene. They all knew her as the loving and supportive sister who was always there for them.

She was the wife to the late Gerald M’Mbwiria Thiuru and mother to Harriet Kanana, the late Susan Nkirote, John Mwenda, the late Jacob Kaimenyi, the late Peter Maingi, Ishmael Kinoti, Beatrice Kaguri, the late Jeremiah Bundi, Julius Koome and Moses Mutethia.

She was dotting grandmother to 35 and great grandma to many.

Mother in law to Morris Omukala, Florence Makena, Virginia Mukiri, Lydia Nkirote, Kirimi Manyara, Benjamin Mutia, Rhodah and Teresa.

On Mother’s day – 13th of May, 2018, she narrated a short history about her life, which is captured below: She reckoned having joined formal education at a very tender age – of six years – with her brothers. This was when the missionaries were introducing religion in her locality. They were encouraged to seek education by an older villager called Zakayo. By virtue of having been introduced to religion and church going (they would even go to church at night) they also got some formal education. She went up to class four in a school at Mutego in Murathankari.

In her adult life, she zealously joined non-formal education (Elimu ya Gumbaru) but soon quit in dismay upon noticing that she had been grouped together with people who had never attended school before then. Feeling that she was being forced to start all over again, and weighing the opportunity cost, she chose to stay at home and be the great mother she was.

She however ensured that her children got better education – from primary school to college.

She remembered how her fellow women-friends in the village used to request her to follow them for Gumbaru, where they were being wooed by the government with relief food, but she still became adamant and quit to concentrate on farming, a tradition she had learnt many years earlier when she got married to her late loving husband Gerald M’Mbwiria Thiuru in 1948.

He was predominantly a pastoralist (Murwanda- people of the savanna grassland). She would farm in Kithoka, Murathankari, Rwongorucheke, in all cases operating from their rural matrimonial home in Kibachia – just outside Meru town, to the East after Gakoromone.

In 1962 they moved with their family to a new settlement in Kiirua where they brought up their children with strict discipline and religion. More so, she continued farming cash crop, animal husbandry and general subsistence farming.

She was a Christian in the mainstream Methodist church in Mutuuma, whereby, she and her husband pioneered in the settling of Mutuuma Methodist church and the nearby Ribui primary school where she grew her children’s faith in God and taught them hard work and virtuous lifestyle.

Her faith and love for God was unquestionable from childhood, through her youth and old age.

On 25th September, 2020 she succumbed to a short illness at Milimani Hospital, Meru.

May the Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.

I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

Friday 2nd October 2020

9:00 AM   Departure from Ribui home to Meru funeral home
9:30 AM   Arrival at Meru funeral home (at Mwendantu)
               - Prayers and viewing of the body
10:00 AM Departue from the funeral home to Kiirua - Ribui village
11:30 AM Arrival at Ribui home
11:30 AM Funeral service begins

1. Eulogy
2. Chief to welcome mourners to her location
3. Speech by Administration / politicians
4. Tribute by Church representative
5. Tribute by neighbour
6. Tribute by relative
7. Tribute by all committee reps from various parts of the country
8. Tribute by family members
9. Tribute by grand-children
10. Photography session
11. Sermon

1:30 PM   Pastor leads the procession to the grave site
               - Grave site rites and burial
               - Laying of the weaths
               - Refreshments
3:30 PM   Vote of thanks


Guku Nthi Ni Ndi Mugeendi,

1. Guku nthi Ni ndi Mugeendi,
Niira iri na thiina;
Minyamaaro o na akia,

Indi ntikira.

Ndacigiirua ni muguundu,
Amwe na mithaangiko,
Na matha janthiuruka:
Na Baaba naiji.

2. Nkoro yaakwa yathugania

Thiina ya rugeendo ruu,
Nitumaga 'menya bweega
Ndina Munteethia.
Riria ngeeta ntuura yaawe
Nkaurwa murigo jwaakwa,
Ntuuranagie Nawe Kenya:
Tontu na jaiji.

3. Antethagia ntuku ciothe,
Tontu we ni mwonokia ;
Na nandithagiiria.

Naaria ndeeta ti mutaru,
Ngakinya nogokange,
Ntuura yaawe ya Ukumio:
Na Baaba naiji.

4. Riria ngakinya nja Yaawe
Nkoona Baaba na meetho
Mukaathage ndina ncune
Kenya na Kenya
Tigacoka kuthangika,
Ngatuura kiindaji,

Tontu ni wirae Bwaawe:
Na Baaba naiji.


Turi rugeendoone rwetu

1. Turi rugeendoone rwetu

Tweeta matuune;
Tugaata igiita rieetu
Turi toroone.

2. Ukeeni bwikundikite

Twambie rugeendo;
Jesu agatutongeeria,

3. Tega kithethero gieetu,

Thikiira coro;
Turi ba Mwathani Jesu

4. Kuri ugwaati bubwiingi

Mono njireene;
Kinya nyaambe niruujaga
Na ikanoga

5. Twaremeerwa ni mathiina

Jarugeendo ruu,
Twiritane uria Jesu
Oombire Jonthe.

Twinthe tukaeewa inya
Ni Mutongeeria;

Ndiiria tugakinya kwaawe


Cha Kutumaini Sina

I. Cha kutumaini sine
lla damu yake yesu
Sina wema wa kutosha
Dhambi zangu kuziosha

Kwake yesu Nasimama
Ndiye mwamba ni salama
Ndiye mwamba ni salama

2. Nijia yangu iwe ndefu
Yeye hunipa wokovu
Mawimbi yakinipiga
Nguvu zake ndizo nanga

3. Damu yake na sadaka
Nategemea daima,
Yote chini yakiisha
Mwokozi atanitosha

4. Nikiitwa hukumuni,
Rohoni nine amani
Nikivikwa haki yake
Sina hofu mbele zake


  1. Betty Bodo says

    Julius and family, may God console you and give you strength to manage the loss of Mama. Until the resurrection morning, it is not a total loss, for you shall meet again.

    • Marcelina Mwatz says

      Majulius an the entire family May the lord console an give u strength.as u lay mum today may the lord helgive u strength.


    Julius and your entire family may God give you strength in these trying moments. Mama we loved you but God loved you more. Fly with the angles Mama till we meet again. Amen

  3. Moses Marangu says

    My sincere condolences to the entire Mbwiria family.May God keep you strong.

  4. Sarah Gakii says

    In her own way she was able to show all of us how important we all were to her. We will not be able to see her again but we will remember the special moments we shared with her. We shall all remember her smile. We will always have a special place in our heart. I am glad to have had a special lady our juju in my life. I love you jūjū

    • Galgalo.... says

      Poleni sana to the Mbwiria family. May the almighty give you the strength to withstand the loss. RIP Shosh….

  5. Moses Sekento says

    Julius and the entire Mbwiria family am very sorry for the loss of Grandma. We should celebrate her for building an empire. May her soul rest with angels

  6. Milan Shah says

    Our deepest condolences to the entire Mbwiria family.
    May the almighty rest her soul in eternal peace.

  7. Edwin Manyasa says

    My sincere condolences to mbwiria family and friends at Large. May the most High see you through.

  8. Reuben says

    Good morning,
    My sincere condolences 🙏 the entire family. May the almighty God give you comfort and May mum rest in eternal peace.

  9. Charity lekinyot says

    Your message My sincere condolences to the entire family in this hard moment. may the Lord of Israel be with you and Grant you strength… grandma shine on your way to heaven. God loves you more..

  10. Maj(rtd) Raphael K Kosen says

    May our Lord Bless and comfort you Julius and your entire Family during this time of grief. Please accept my sincere Condolences.
    May our Almighty God give her eternal rest. Amen.

  11. Fredrick Mutia says

    May the Lord God almighty give you peace eternally. Say hi to Mom and grandpa Mbwiria. Much love. Rest in peace grandma.

  12. MICHAEL NJERU says

    Such a great woman, reading her life history makes it clear how dedicated she was to her family and God. Julius and family, we pray for God’s strength for you all at this moment, and let mama’s light shine throughout your lives, and continue upholding the virtues and values she imparted in you.

  13. Nancy Maingi says

    May her soul shine all the way and perpetual light shine upon her.

  14. Jefferson Kiogora Kithinji says

    Heaven has added an Angel. God bless you and your family and watch over you during this most difficult time. Pole sana from my heart.

  15. Jedidah Mwangi says

    You were blessed on in this world, may you enjoy in the company of Angels.May the seeds you have left behind grow like the mustard seed,now and forever.Amen

  16. Annah Kathambi Maitho says

    It is with a sad heart that I learnt of your departure. But relieved that you did not suffer through it. Go well and in peace and say hi to my grandpa Mbwiria and My mom when you meet… May the Lord almighty grant you peace in abundance as He receives you. My family and I love you so much grandma 👵!!

  17. Linda Kinya says

    Can still remember that call vividly on Friday evening from Uncle Moses. Ntaagu, you taught me well.. I wouldn’t have been whom I am today if it were not for your strict moral lessons and values of life. I know and believe that you together with Nyanya and Mami and our guardian angels you will continue guiding us and redirecting our paths to do what is right before God and man. Watch over us and intercede for us. We shall dearly miss you.
    Enernal rest grant unto Sarah Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace ×3(Amen)

  18. Rattansi says

    Dear Julius,
    We were very saddened to hear the news about the passing on to Glory of your mother.
    Please accept heartfelt condolences from my family and I on the loss of your beloved mother.
    You must celebrate her life as she had a good life.

    Indeed the loss of a loved parent leaves a great void in our lives. May God give you the courage to bear this great loss. You are in our prayers at this very trying moment in your lives. May the Good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.

    Vijoo Rattansi and family

  19. Sr. Florence Kasirye says

    Dear Julius and family we are terribly sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, may our condolences bring you peace during this painful time. May God forgive and accept her soul into the Garden of Eden,near the theone of whom she seeks and loved! RIP AMEN

  20. Judy Matu says

    Julius and family:
    Your mom was a pillar of strength, with a lot to be emulated.
    She moulded great leaders like you, strong and visionary, yet so generous and committed to the community. I will never forget your love and care during our lowest moment as a family.
    May you cherish the glorious memories of your mom. She lived a long beautiful and productive life.

    May God fill your hearts with strength and comfort during this time.

    I owe you big time, and I will make it up.

    Once again, please accept my deepest sympathies.

  21. Julius M'mbwiria says

    Maama, it’s because of you we and I are. I really thank you for everything you did for me, for us and all. There are no words enough to tell you, thank you my mother. What else ? ……….Watch over us. I know your watch unto us is now and into eternity. Be with God and pass our regards with intercession till we meet again.

  22. Mwendwa Muthuuri says

    Rest in Peace Aunty. My condolences to the family. With love

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